• Specialized in repairing baths and showers

Synthetic repair

  • Materials: Acrylic quaryl composite artificial marble poly concrete polyester

  • Damage: cracks crack holes caps scratch matte spots

Why choose repair?

Damage to your bath or shower can cause undesirable roughness, and an increased risk of accumulations of lime or soap. Existing damage may lead to of further cracks, and the water resistance of your plumbing is no longer guaranteed. The less appealing sight is of course an important factor as well.

Repair or replacement?

It is recommended to have your baths and showers repaired in order to save costs.

Deconstruction of your current and reconstruction of a new tub / shower often carries a higher cost than simply repairing the tub or shower. Are you still undecided about which option to choose? You are welcome to contact us, so we can review your situation together.

Before and after

Some of our achievements

Need a repair?

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